We protect and secure your property

Properties are regularly insecure by many different reasons. The most common reason is that people just don't behave right or bring things, that could be dangerous for the environment.

PT. STAR SECURITY PRATAMA is specialized on protecting properties and people inside. We filter visitors, secure disallowed things, lead people to take the right ways and to behave right, we keep properties safe.

What does it mean more detailed?

  • Filtering Visitors means that disallowed people won't have access to your ground. Uninvited guests, dangerous persons, drunken or uncooperative people are denied to enter.
  • Securing disallowed things means that visitors are convinced to hand out potentially dangerous or disallowed things. The definition and decision of disallowed things varies dependent on your needs. Usually it includes weapons, but sometimes mobiles, alcoholic drinks, chemicals or drugs are required to be left in our care.
  • Leading people means we kindly force your visitors to follow your rules and ways. Disallowed areas are protected, predefined ways are shown and disallowed behavior will be restricted, for example smoking in some areas won't be accepted.

The result of our work is that people can feel safe because the dangers of fire, unexpected and incalculable situations and other occurrences are very limited. Depending on your needs and order PT. STAR SECURITY PRATAMA works together with police and military to protect your property and visitors even in extreme situations.

Prima Services

Director Riza FikryDear clients,

Related to the business environment, it is very important to have security and safety services that the company systematically more secure, therefore, WE, PT. STAR SECURITY PRATAMA provides security services and safety solutions.

With experienced management in the business of security and safety services. PT. STAR SECURITY PRATAMA orientations is clients satisfaction by providing all types of services that are integrated so that the business more secure.

PT. STAR SECURITY PRATAMA liaises with the Republik Indonesia Police (POLRI) and Military / Army to accomplish our tasks as a provider of security services and safety very well.

As a Director Pt. STAR SECURITY PRATAMA, we will bring satisfaction to our clients and establish a good business relationship and will provide benefits to both sides.

Thank you,

Riza Fikry, SH

Security Tools

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